About Civil Euro Perspective

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Civil Euro Perspective was set up as a Community Interest Company in late 2014, to provide a vehicle for not for profit activities in the fields of economic development at community level in the UK, in other EU member states and on an international basis. Local communities must be at the heart of development whether in Kingston or Kabul, Swindon or Skopje. Too often, development projects are top down, driven by process and have huge overhead costs. Instead we want to channel expertise and experience at low cost, directly to the communities who need this.

Civil Euro Perspective is a Community Interest Company, which means it cannot make a profit, only cover costs and cannot pass on any assets other than to a not for profit organisation.

Current activities include:

Employment and economic development integration for refugees and third country nationals: Support to Ashley Community Housing (www.ashleyhousing.com) concerning employment and economic development support and policy development for refugees and third country nationals.

The Silver economy: older people and economic activities working with the Bristol Ageing Better partnership (bristolageingbetter.org.uk) and  we are part of the European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing (ec.europa.eu/research/innovation-union/index_en.cfm?section=active-healthy-ageing). We are also working with EURADA, European Association of Development Agencies (http://www.eurada.org) and the Development Agency for Bielsko – Biala, Poland, www.arrsa.pl)

Sustainable Development Goals were adopted in late 2015 and are universal. How do they apply here in the UK? In Bristol and the West of England? Working oH this with Black South West Network and others (bswnsouthwest.wordpress.com), workshop as part of Big Green Week (biggreenweek.com/event/sustainable-development-goals-bristol-tale-two-cities)

David Jepson is the Director of Civil Euro Perspective. 

David has worked in local development, employment and social policy consultancy for more than 25 years including qualitative evaluations and assessments, policy elaboration, institution and capacity building and training.

He is also  currently Chair of the Advisory Board of Civil European Perspectives, an NGO established in Macedonia in January 2014 and launched in April 2014, with the aim of implementing community focused projects in the fields of local economic development and governance. He is also member of the Senior Expert Panel of European Association of Development Agencies, EURADA. (www.eurada.org) David is also an associate with Consultancy.Coop which is a co-operative of experienced third sector consultants with a strongly business oriented approach, coupled with understanding of, and empathy with, the values and passion of this sector. (http://www.consultancy.coop)

He has worked in the UK, EU 27 and on an international basis including; Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Hungary, Slovak republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Afghanistan. He was a director of LRDP and a Senior Expert in charge of international projects in the field of employment and social policy for Ecorys, Netherlands.

David was a Visiting Research Fellow at the School for Social Policy at Anglia Ruskin University. He has also been a national expert in DG Research in the European Commission. He was director of the UK Leader network facilitating community led economic development in 50 localities.

David was an elected member of Birmingham City Council for more than ten years. David has been Chair of a Local Strategic Partnership, Director of Co-Enteprise, Director of West Midlands Enterprise, Midlands Arts Centre, Family Support Unit and many other bodies and governor of several schools.